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  1. Match Time: 9/28/2020 02:45 Monday(GMT+8) Italian Serie A -- AS Roma VS Juventus ----------------------------------- AS Roma AS Roma lost the last league 3-0 because of roster error. Their overall performance was not very satisfying. There were totally 21 shots, but none was on target. The offensive efficiency was extremely low. Moreover, in terms of strength, the newly signed signed players can’t make up for the ones who left. There are many injured in the team. The only advantage this time can only be regarded as the home game. Juventus Although Juventus defeated Sampdoria 3-0 in the first round, Sampdoria stil got 15 shots. The defense is not solid enough. In addition, the main defensive midfielders Miralem Pjanic and Emre Can have left the team, so the organization and defensive capacity of the midfield has declined a lot. The introduced Arthur and Weston Mckennie lack experience, and the defense may encounter a lot of obstructs. Data Analysis The handicap first odds was AS Roma +0.25 with high return, and turned to +0.5 with ow return, which is reasonable. Although AS Roma do not have an advantage in their stats, they have performed well every time they meet Juventus at home. However, there are many injuries in the team, and Nicolò Zaniolo and Javier Pastore can’t play this time. I think that Juventus may run out. Pick: Juventus -0.5 Prediction: Juventus wins Score Prediction: 0-1, 1-2
  2. Match Time:9/25/2020 02:45 Friday(GMT+8) England League Cup -- Lincoln City VS Liverpool ----------------------------------- Match Analysis 1. In the past 2 games, Lincoln City got 2 wins, ranking 2nd in England League 1 with 6 points. They have good status recently and their home field performances are very good. In the last 10 home games, they got 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. 2. In the last 2 games, Liverpool got 2 wins and they are the 4th place in English Premier League with 6 points. Liverpool are weak at away field. In the last 9 away games, they got 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. 3. In the last time they met, Lincoln City lost to Liverpool by 1-2. Although Lincoln City are unbeaten in recent 5 games, they are still a League One team, not as good as Liverpool who are the champions of English Premier League. Therefore, we think Lincoln is very hard to win this game. Odds Analysis The handicap odd was Liverpool-2, giving much support to the away team. Both two sides have good performances recently, by Lincoln City is weaker than Liverpool. Liverpool has low odd win rate, but now the odd is good for them. In this case, we think Liverpool will win the game. Lincoln City VS Liverpool Handicap Picks: Liverpool-2 1X2 Picks: Liverpool wins
  3. Match Time:9/25/2020 02:45 Friday(GMT+8) England League Cup -- Manchester City VS Bournemouth AFC ----------------------------------- Match Analysis 1. In the last game, Manchester City beat Wolves by 1-3 at away, ranking 7th in the league with 3 points. Manchester City are typically strong at home. In the past 10 home games, they got 8 wins and 2 losses. 2. Bournemouth AFC is team in England Championship. They got 1 win and 1 draw in the last 2 league, ranking 5th in the league with 4 points. Bournemouth AFC are weak at away field. In the last 10 away games, they got 2 wins, 1 draw and 7 losses. 3. Bournemouth AFC are no match for Manchester City. In the last 10 times they met, Manchester City made a clean sweep. In this case, we think Bournemouth AFC will not win the game. Odds Analysis Manchester City have very good performances in this season, while Bournemouth AFC also have good status. The handicap first odd was Manchester City-2.25. But their coach said they would spare some strength for the league games, so the live odd is dropped to Manchester City-1.25. Manchester City are very hot but the odds are too weak. In this case, we think Bournemouth AFC have chance to win the odds in this game. Manchester City VS Bournemouth AFC Handicap Picks: Manchester City-1.25 1X2 Picks: Manchester City
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    Match Time: 9/24/2020 02:45 Thursday(GMT+8) England League Cup -- Leicester City VS Arsenal ----------------------------------- Leicester City In the third round of England League Cup, Leicester City play Arsenal. Although Leicester City have mediocre performance in the three friendly matches, the team still showed outstanding power in the new season. They easily defeated West Bromwich 3-0 at away in the first round and got a 4-2 victory over Burnley in the second round. The team is in excellent form now. Arsenal Arsenal showed great momentum under Mikel Arteta's coaching. After a complete preparation, they first defeated Liverpool in The Football Association Community Shield. They they got a big victory 3-0 over Fulham at away in the first league round and won West Ham United 2-1 at home in the second round. Their morale is booming. Data Analysis Leicester City have psychological advantages with a record of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 5 clashes . The handicap first odds was 0, then turned to Arsenal -0.25. Both teams started the new season with a winning streak, and they are equally outstanding. Leicester City have stats and home advantages, so there is no difficulty in the handicap. I would expect Arsenal to get a three- game winning streak. Picks: Arsenal -0.25 Prediction: Leicester City loses Goal Prediction: 3 or less
  5. Match Time: 9/24/2020 02:45 Thursday(GMT+8) England League Cup -- Fleetwood Town VS Everton ----------------------------------- Fleetwood Town In the third round of the League Cup, the EFL League One team Fleetwood Town and the Premier League team Everton played for the promotion. Fleetwood Town performed well last season, but was knocked out in the first round of the promotion playoffs. The team got 4 victories after 5 rounds in the new season. Besides, they defeated Wigan Athletic in the first round. However, the team lost the last game against Peterborough United, who scored two goals in a row in extra time, ending 4-game winning streak. It was a big blow to morale. Everton Everton's lineup has been strengthened this season. The team has demonstrated good scoring capacity during the preparation that they scored 5 goals in two warm-up games. In the new season, Everton scored as many as 9 goals in three rounds. Besides, they defeated a strong opponent Tottenham in the first round, which greatly improved their confidence. Everton got a 5-2 victory over West Bromwich Albion in the last round, and striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin hit a hat trick. Data Analysis The two sides have not met in recent years. Although both have performed equally well in the new season, the difference of leagues can’t be ignored. The handicap first odds was Everton -1.25. Fleetwood Town's style is relatively open and Everton is good at attacking. In short, I think it’s not hard for Everton to win the handicap. Pick: Everton -1.25 Prediction: Fleetwood Town loses Goal Prediction: 2/3
  6. Match Time: 9/23/2020 03:15 Wednesday(GMT+8) England League Cup -- Luton Town VS Manchester United ----------------------------------- Luton Town Luton Town finally ranked 19th in the England Championship last season, only 3 points away from the relegation. In order to improve the strength, Luton Town signed defender Tom Lockyer, Aston Villa's James Bree and attacking midfielder Jordan Clark this summer. Tom Lockyer made 43 appearances for Charlton Athletic in the Premier League last season and scored 1 goal, who was a big force of the team’s defense. Their joining is obviously effective that Luton Town won all the six games, including the warm-ups, four of which were clean sheets. Both of their offensive and defensive performance is quite perfect. Manchester United Manchester United encountered Waterloo in the new season. First, they lost to Aston Villa in the warm-up match, and then lost 1-3 to Crystal Palace at home in the first round of Premier League. They have conceded 4 goals in two games, which proves that there are huge problems with them. Although Manchester United signed Donny van de Beek from Ajax this summer with 39 million Euros, whose cooperation with Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba is bound to increase the strength, it seems that the team still needs time to get it right. Data Analysis For now, although the two sides have a large gap in reputation and strength, Manchester United is obviously inferior to Luton Town in terms of recent stats and status. In addition, Manchester United may not send all the main players in this League Cup game, I see a stalement in it. The handicap odds Manchester United -1.75 turned to -1.5, showing less confidence in them. The home team’s win rate of handicap odds is only 20%, I personally think that it is necessary to expect a draw game. Pick: Luton Town +1.5 Score Prediction: 1-1, 2-2
  7. Match Time: 9/23/2020 03:00 Wednesday(GMT+8) UEFA Champions League -- Slavia Praha VS Midtjylland ----------------------------------- Slavia Praha Slavia Pragha successfully won the league title with 9 points ahead of Plzen last season, achieving three consecutive championships. In the new season, Slavia Praha also keeps a strong power that they won all the games, except the only one against Pardubice. The team have already scored 15 goals so far and they are even more stronger than last season. Slavia Praha are worth look forward to. Midtjylland Midtjylland was the champion of Danish Superliga last season, but lost in the first league game of new season. They lost 0-2 to SonderjyskE who ranked 11th ranked last season. Fortunately, the team quickly adjusted, and got two victories in a row in Champions League and Denmark Superligaen . However, it is worth mentioning that Midtjylland's recent away record is not ideal. They have only won once in the past 5 away games, which showed their insufficient stability. Data Analysis For now, Slavia Praha not only has an advantage in view of strength, but also clearly outperforms Midtjylland in form and morale. Plus there is home advantage, Slavia Praha can basically tie or win Midtjylland in this game campaign as long as they have normal performance. The handicap first odds was Slavia Praha -0.75. The trend of home win return of 1X2 odds is dropping, which indicates that Slavia Praha have a big chance of winning. Picks: Slavia Praha -0.75 Prediction: Slavia Praha wins Score Prediction: 1-0, 2-1
  8. Match Time: 9/22/2020 02:45 Tuesday(GMT+8) Italian Serie A -- AC Milan VS Bologna ----------------------------------- AC Milan In the first round of Italian Serie A, AC Milan will play Bologna. AC Milan showed amazing fighting power after the quarterfinals of last season that they achieved a record of 12 unbeaten games, including 9 wins. AC Milan finally qualified for the Europa League as the sixth. They easily won the last round against Shamrock Rovers with two goals. The team is currently in a seven-game winning streak across the season and their morale is very high now. Bologna Bologna had a mediocre performance in Italian Serie A last season that they finally ranked 12th in the league with nearly 47 points, 19 points behind AC Milan. There is a clear gap in strength between the two sides. Bologna have no obvious advantage at home or away and no major signings in the new season. It’s worth mentioning that Bologna’s recent away stats is disappointing in that they lost all the latest 3 away games and concede 10 goals. Data Analysis In terms of previous clashes, AC Milan has recorded 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss against Bologna in recent 10 games, of which latest 3 ones are complete victories, so they have a greater psychological advantage. What’s more, the team have recently been winning streak, and their form is excellent. The handicap first odds was AC Milan -1 with medium return, which was lower later. It is hopeful that the home team will win this game.The Over/Under Goal line is 3 goals, which shows supports for AC Milan’s attacking capacity. Besides, Over goal has run out in the recent three clashes, I think Over goal is more possible this time. Picks: AC Milan -1 Prediction: AC Milan wins Over/Under Goal: Over 3 goals Score Prediction: 3-1, 4-1
  9. Match Time: 9/22/2020 01:00 Tuesday(GMT+8) English Premier League -- Aston Villa VS Sheffield United ----------------------------------- Aston Villa Aston Villa finished 17th with an eye-catching performance in the last 4 rounds last season. The team play host Sheffield United in the first round in the new season and strives for a good start. They have defeated Sheffield United 3-1 at home in the League Cup and successfully advanced, which may encourage them a lot in this match. Sheffield United Sheffield United played Wolves in the first league game, and finally lost 0-2 at home with various data advantages. The team faced Burnley in the League Cup and lost again. The recent state of Sheffield United has declined to the bottom. Another disadvantage is that this is the team's second consecutive away game, and they have 2 days less than Aston Villa for preparation. Data Analysis In the past 10 clashes, both sides have won 3 times. The handicap first odds was Aston Villa -0 with high-medium return, which dropped to medium-low level later. The companies obviously show support for the home team. I think we can follow their steps and go for Aston Villa in this game. Prediction: Aston Villa wins Score Prediction: 1-0
  10. Match Time: 9/20/2020 21:30 Sunday Russia Premier League -- Rubin Kazan VS Spartak Moscow ---------------------------------- 1. After 7 rounds, Rubin Kazan got 3 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses and placed the 6 of the Russia Premier League. In the last 20 games, Rubin Kazan got 8 wins, 7 draws and 5 losses. The win rate is 40.0%, the handicap odds win rate is 40.0%, the over win rate is 36.8%. 2. After 7 rounds, Spartak Moscow got 4 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss and placed the 3 of the Russia Premier League. In the last 20 games, Spartak Moscow got 6 wins, 5 draws and 9 losses. The win rate is 45.0%, the handicap odds win rate is 35.0%, the over win rate is 60.0%. 3. The handicap first odds of this game is Rubin Kazan 0.85--0.5-1.07. Under the same Handicap first odds of Sbobet in history: Total 1007 matches, the home team got 375 wins, 281 draws and 351 losses. Home win rate: 37.24%; Draw win rate: 27.90%; Away win rate: 34.86%; Home odds win rate: 50.74%; Away odds win rate: 49.26%. 4. The Over/Under first odds of this game is 1.08-2/2.5-0.82. Under the same Over/Under first odds of Sbobet in history: Totol 1846 matches, the home team got 787 wins, 533 draws and 526 losses. Home win rate: 42.63%; Draw win rate: 28.87%; Away win rate: 28.49%; Over odds win rate: 44.85%; Draw odds win rate: 6.50%; Under odds win rate: 48.65%. 5. The 1x2 first odds combination of this game is 3.40-3.20-2.11. Under the same 1x2 first odds of Sbobet in history: Total 61 games, the home team got 15 wins, 16 draws and 30 losses. Home win rate: 24.59%; Draw win rate: 26.23%; Away win rate: 49.18%. 1X2 Picks: Rubin Kazan(25.3%), Draw(29.5%), Spartak Moscow(45.2%)
  11. Match Time: 9/18/2020 01:00 Friday(GMT+8) Swedish Allsvenskan -- Elfsborg VS Mjallby AIF ----------------------------------- Elfsborg Elfsborg got a 1-1 draw with the powerful team Djurgardens in the last round, which was the fourth consecutive game they did not win. The overall state and morale are not optimistic. Whereas, their performance in handicap odds is worthy of recognition that they have won seven times in the past ten rounds with a win rate of 70%. What’s more, Elfsborg only lost one of the eight home games this season, presenting strong capacity. Mjallby AIF Mjallby AIF lost to Varbergs BoIS FC 2-3 at home in the last round, who have recently only won once in the past five games of the league. Besides, Miyalbi are not good at away games so that they have scored merely 11 points in nine matches this season. They are inferior in many ways. However, the trend of handicap odds is not bad. They won all the recent seven league matches, which indicated that the team might have been underestimated. It is possible to win this time. Data Analysis The handicap first odds was Elfsborg-0.75 with low return. However, the companies doubted their victory and the return went higher in the later period. Elfsburg got 4 wins and 1 draw against Mjallby AIF at home and won the handicaps three times. They have a huge advantage, plus they are in need of a victory to boost morale. I look forward to their performance. Picks: Elfsborg -0.75 Prediction: Elfsborg wins Score Prediction: 2-0, 3-1
  12. Match Time: 9/18/2020 03:00 Friday(GMT+8) France Ligue 1 -- Marseille VS Saint Etienne ----------------------------------- Marseille Marseille will play Saint Etienne on 18 September. Marseille had an impressive performance last season that they finally qualified for the Champions League as the second place with 56 points in the league. They do not rely on the home game to score points and have excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. In the new season, they have defeated Stade Brestois and PSG. It was a pity that both the left back and backup center forward Benedetto got red cards before the end of the last round, which would weaken the team’s offense and defense in this game. Saint Etienne Saint Etienne ranked fourth from the bottom in the league last season, only 3 points higher than the relegation, and were 26 points behind Marseille. However, the team performed very well in the new season. Saint Etienne won Lorient 2-0 in the first round and defeated Strasbourg in the last round. Their current lineup is relatively complete and Saint Etienne are in good form now. Data Analysis In terms of previous clashes, Marseille has recorded 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in the past 10 matches against Saint Etienne. They have an absolute psychological advantage that they won all of the recent 3 ones. The handicap first odds was Marseille -0.5 with low return. The return went high later, which was consistent with the weakening of the team's lineup. The Over/Under Goal line was 2/2.5. Considering that Under goal ran out in the recent three clashes and was more than Over goal in each side’s recent stats, I would like to go for Under 2/2.5 goals. Picks: Saint Etienne +0.5 Prediction: Saint Etienne wins/draw Over/Under Goal: Under 2/2.5 Score Prediction: 0-1, 1-1
  13. Match Time: 9/17/2020 02:45 Thursday(GMT+8) England League Cup -- Leeds United VS Hull City ----------------------------------- Leeds United Leeds United performed well in EFL Champion last season, and finally got the promotion two rounds ahead of schedule. The team was able to play again in the Premier League after 16 years, so they cherished this opportunity very much. Leeds Not only did the team retain almost all the core players last season, but also introduced Valencia striker Rodrigo during the off-season. Besides, Hélder Costa from Wolves and Robin Koch from SC Freiburg also join the team, and the coach Marcelo Bielsa stays. The team should not be underestimated now. Facing the defending champion Liverpool in the Premier League debut, Leeds United lost the game by one goal. However, they were able to score 3 goals , which was not easy. Hull City Since Hull City suffered a relegation to the EFL Champions League three years ago, they have been in the mid-range position and have a mediocre performance. By last season, they were even directly relegated to the bottom, which was super disappointing. This summer, Hull City made some adjustments to the lineup, but did not participate in any warm-up match so that the team still need some time to get it right. Hull City have only won one game in the first three rounds in the new season, so the current form is doubtful. Data Analysis For now, the two teams have a large gap in strength. Plus Leeds United play host Hull city, the home team has more obvious advantage. What’s more, Leeds United have only lost once in clashes over past several years. The handicap first odds was opened to Leeds United -1.25 with medium return. With sufficient support from the market and the trend of 1X2 Odds, I think there is not much suspense for Leeds United to win. Picks: Leeds United -1.25 Prediction: Leeds United wins Score Prediction: 2-0, 3-0
  14. Match Time: 9/17/2020 02:30 Thursday(GMT+8) UEFA Champions League -- Midtjylland VS Young Boys ----------------------------------- Midtjylland Midtjylland was the champion of Danish Superliga last season. In the past five years, they have won three times. The speed of their improvements in competitiveness is very fast. There are many good players in the team, such as Sory Kaba from Dijon and Evander. This summer, Midtjylland retained all these main players to ensure capacity. Whereas, they lost the first round in the new season. In order to avoid losing streak, they will inevitably strive for victory in the Champions League this time. Young Boys Young Boys is a top team of Swiss Super League. Last season, they successfully defend their titles and got three championships in a row. No matter in terms of fame or strength, they are not inferior. Young Boys achieved an unbeaten record of 4 wins and 1 draw, and scored averaging 3 goals per game in the Swiss Cup, Champions League and warm-up matches. With this momentum, they are fully capable of winning at away. Data Analysis So far, there is not much difference in strength of two sides, while Young Boys have a significantly better advantage regarding recent performance. After all, Midtjylland have just encountered a bad start, and Young Boys have got winning streak. The handicap first odds was 0, which did not show much confidence in Midtjylland. Besides, the home team’s return are increasingly higher. According to the current trend, Young Boys have a greater chance of being unbeaten in this game. Picks: Young Boys +0 Prediction: Young Boys wins/draw Score Prediction: 1-1, 1-2
  15. Match Time:9/16/2020 02:00 Wednesday(GMT+8) UEFA Champions League -- PAOK Saloniki VS Benfica ----------------------------------- Match Analysis 1. In the last 26 games, PAOK Saloniki got 18 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, ranking 2nd in the league with 59 points. PAOK Saloniki have general performances at home field. In the last 9 home games, they got 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. But they have good performances recently and they got 2-game winning streak at home. 2. In the last 34 games, Benfica got 24 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses, ranking 2nd in the Portugal Primera Liga with 77 points. Benfica are not so strong at away field. In the last 7 away games, they got 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss at away. They kept the unbeaten record in the last 2 away games. 3. In the last 4 times they met, PAOK Saloniki got 1 draw and 3 losses, being the lower hand. Odds Analysis 1. Both two sides have good performances recently. Benfica have previously knocked out PAOK Sharon Ricketts in the Champions League, therefore, we think Benfica have more chance of winning. 2. In the past 4 times they met, PAOK Sharon got no advantage with 1 draw and 3 losses. The handicap first odd was Benfica-0.75 in high return, giving more support to the away team. In this case, it is suggested to bet on Benfica. PAOK Saloniki vs Benfica Handicap Picks: Benfica-0.75 Prediction: Benfica
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